Occupy Integral!

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Hello, world!

Today as we launch this website, we are also having our first related article published in the web magazine Beams & Struts.

It's called Occupy Integral!

Please visit and get involved in the discussion, if you feel so moved . . .

(We'll be posting new material here within the next few days, so come back soon. And please sign up for email updates to stay in touch.)


Powerful site, catalytic content - kudos to Terry, Marco, Kayla

I'm excited to hear of your new venture. Good luck and blessings with everything!

A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having. Yes, I agree, I'd also add a revolution without humor is not one worth having either. The Integral Revolution: The People are Revolting!

Too much Monty Python? I dunno, we all could do with a laugh through the seriousness of this objective. I'll do my best. As Rob McNamara asked the question recently about choosing between comfort or joy... So lets have some joy lads and lassies, no revolution was ever comfortable!

Good luck!

I really appreaciate the effort to move integral in a new direction or re-kindle the fire. I have been really disenchanted by the integral institute ever since they replaced integral naked with integral life. And as I religious studies student, needless be said, I think the center world spirituality is an even more erroneous turn and unfortunate link to integral thought.

In any event, I realize that we all need to earn a living in these tough economic times. However, I would have been a lot more moved if the article you guys wrote wasn't to market another book or redefine a brand......  

I have posted the following at the Beams and Struts website as a comment in Terry and Marco's article Occupy Integral, in a very long thread that has developed.  In an effort to bring that dialogue to their website, I'm reposting it here.  It seems to belong here.

If it’s not yet long enough, I’d like to take this dialogue back to the pragmatic of occupy integral.  Somebody somewhere has probably already addressed this, but I don’t recall it.

KW wrote about the pre/trans situation involved in the 60’s Berkeley demonstrations, as involving a goodly number of  ‘premies’; that is, people acting out of underdeveloped morality, not an advanced development (ie green).  This KW observation was contentious when he said it a number of years ago, and continues to be today.

Personally, I think that KW tends to be too quick in pointing to green pathology, and his near condemnation of the 60s Berkeley demonstrators was way too broad and caustic. Yet, given all this, KW’s pre/trans distinction cannot be ignored, and so too how it may be manifesting in Occupy. It is an important phenomenon.  I’d like to hear what others think about it.

As we know, all sort of things are bubbling up these days. This pre-spring time indeed feels 'pregnant.' I've been thinking on this topic for some years, since stumbling on the idea of World 5.0. It tracks with Integral Revolution and other ideas that recognize personal healing and integrating our systems is the path foward for us. I've written a book on the topic, "World 5.0 - Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life Together" which is available at the site, world5.org.

Anyone who would like to have a PDF of the book contact me, Jim Prues. jim@world5.org

"We intend to replace the system of globalization built for profit by and for the 1% with  a new, just system based on the power of Love.

The time is always now.
The answer is always Love.