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Integral ShamWow! or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love (or at least Tolerate) the Hype [VIDEO]

We’ve long been considering the role of marketing in the integral movement. The images, stories, values, and ideologies communicated by marketing are ubiquitous and affect us on multiple levels — some of which we’re not even aware of. As postmoderns, we’ve learned to be skeptical of all marketing and marketers. We’re reflexively suspicious, and guarded. Yet at the same time, we delight in some forms of over-the-top advertising, like Super Bowl commercials. Continue reading  ‘Integral ShamWow! or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love (or at least Tolerate) the Hype [VIDEO]’→

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Occupy Sangha

Occupy awakened the fighting spirit that has been dormant in me since the 60s, reconnected me with my passion to go fearless into whatever is next for the (r)evolutions in the world and my consciousness.

This morning, in gratitude I contemplated this question: what is my gift that life calls me to bring into play, for the sake of the Whole? The following notes are an attempt at modeling that play. Continue reading  ‘Occupy Sangha’→

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Why Inner Change Work and Outer Change Work Need Each Other

Societies, cultures, and the individuals and their experiences form a complex web of mutual reinforcements. No one factor is purely a driver. All aspects are both driver and driven (interdependent). In other words, it is not like pool balls in physics, A causes B causes C, etc. Rather it is more like a complex set of feedback loops, what we see in biology. So evolving to the next phase of society means somehow shifting to a different set of dynamically interacting loops. And doing it on the run. Probably with people shooting at us, hopefully only metaphorically. Continue reading  ‘Why Inner Change Work and Outer Change Work Need Each Other’→

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Integral Activism in the Social Commons

Einstein said that if we cannot explain something simply, then we don't understand it. So, a core question is: What does 'integral' mean, in simple terms, for our world in transition -- in less than 400 pages of text and 20 hours of explanation? Is there a simple, universal, emotionally powerful, 'integral narrative' that can be told? Or, is integral theory so divided by levels, quadrants, colors, stages, tiers, and states that it is not possible to develop a simple narrative of the transformation it seeks to portray? Continue reading  ‘Integral Activism in the Social Commons’→

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Catalyzing a Community of Integral Activist-Practitioners

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Welcome to our first update on the Integral Revolution project, which we kicked off four weeks ago with the launch of and the publication of our “manifesto” Occupy Integral! in the web magazine Beams & Struts. Continue reading  ‘Catalyzing a Community of Integral Activist-Practitioners’→

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Occupy Integral!

Hello, world!

Today as we launch this website, we are also having our first related article published in the web magazine Beams & Struts.

It's called Occupy Integral!

Please visit and get involved in the discussion, if you feel so moved . . .

(We'll be posting new material here within the next few days, so come back soon. And please sign up for email updates to stay in touch.) Continue reading  ‘Occupy Integral!’→